So many souls SURVIVED 10*25*14 #NoCS !!!


Click the links below to view the first 3 episodes, and laugh along with the Kelleways as they do battle with nosey neighbors, the FBI and the UNDEAD in this 1950′s style sitcom filmed in Elgin.

Pilot Episode

This is the first of the 1950 style sitcom in which a family deals with a family member that is a Zombie.

Episode 2

In the second show, Robert, after a meeting with nosey neighbor Margaret, has an idea to take care of Zombie Grandma and help son Jack grow up a little.

Episode 3

In the third installment of our 1950 style sitcom, two FBI agents attempt to prove there is a Zombie in the Kelleway house


nocs2014 shoe lamp post

Nightmare on Chicago Street
Chicago Street (Douglas to Villa)
Elgin, Illinois 60120
Saturday, Oct. 25th, 2014

Download MISSING person poster here. MISSING 2014 Upload your MISSING PERSON poster, share on TWITTER or FACEBOOK for a chance to win two tickets into the “Safe Zone”. Bring your poster into the “Safe Zone” to post it, so that other survivors can help you find your missing loved one before it’s too late. (Have fun with this, and please – do not post actual personal information that can lead to a Creepy Rob Lowe coming to your home.)

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Did you know there was a film crew in downtown Elgin, at our Safe Zone, filming for a Walking Dead documentary? Read more about this year’s event here and here. (Courier News links.)