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Save the Date. one night only.


The City of Elgin's annual Nightmare On Chicago Street continues in 2023! The Zombie Defense Initiative has prepared an experience that citizens can find nowhere else. With thrilling performances, pounding music, apocalyptic drinks, an array of food options, and an immersive environment, this will be a year you will not want to miss.


This is the 11th year that citizens have banded together in the Safe Zone. 

Some of the businesses might appear to be boarded up, vegetation may reclaim buildings, trash may be strewn everywhere, burning tires and barrels of toxic waste may litter the streets. Abandoned cars, buses and even airplanes have known to be damaged and overturned in the streets and on top of buildings. Do not fear! Your safety is our number one concern. Some steadfast businesses will be open for you to get food, beverages, shelter, and provisions.

We at the Zombie Defense Initiative will make sure that every citizen is entertained with shocking live entertainment around every corner, bands, food, drinks, vendors, live graffiti artists, tons of photo opportunities, near encounters with zombies, a costume contest, special guests like MeTV’s SVENGOOLIE, and surprises around every corner.

Time Capsule

See all the images from previous years!

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