Costume Contest

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*** No weapons ever allowed at Nightmare on Chicago Street ***


NoCS Costume Contest D.Fuentes 2014

Svengoolie at 2014 Nightmare on Chicago Street (Photo Credit: Dave Fuentes)

Three Categories:
Best Horror/Zombie
Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Super Hero
Best Couple/Group
From 6pm to 8pm at the YWCA, 220 East Chicago Street.
Registration ends promptly at 8pm.
A panel of judges selected by the event committee for their knowledge of the genre and background in art, design and/or costuming will be appointed to review the entrants photographs and select finalists based on the following criteria:
-quality of costume fabrication and craftsmanship, and
-creativity of character/theme
-overall appearance
1. Contest is open to any person over 18 years of age.  Entrants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
2. Entrants must complete an entry form with photo release to participate.
3. Costumes cannot be sexually explicit or contain nudity.  Costumes cannot endorse any form of hate or hate group. Costumes cannot contain any materially dangerous activity.
4. Judging will be based on the following criteria: (i) costume craftsmawenship; (ii) creativity of the character/theme; and (iii) overall appearance.
5. The contest organizers reserve the right to cancel the contest at any time.
6. There will be NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND allowed. If you have questions specifically about your costume, please email us at
Stage Contest:
At 9:00pm, a list of finalists in each category will be posted at the YWCA and announced on the East Stage.
The finalist list will also be posted on the NoCS Facebook page.
Entrants are responsible for checking the list for their names.
Finalists must be present at the East Stage in front of the YWCA by 9:30pm to compete in the final round.
At 9:30pm, finalists will compete on stage for the final round of judging by category.
The winner of each category will compete for the prize for Overall Winner, determined by the judges measuring the crowd’s cheers.
Best Horror/Zombie Costume – $100.00
Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Superhero Costume – $100.00
Best Couples/Group – $250.00
Overall Winner – $350.00